Top-of-the-line Rack mount 24 to 32 camera server

Audio synchronized with H.264 High Resolution Video

System configuration starts with AMAZING 800Gb and can be upgraded up to 4500GB (yes! that's 4.5 TeraBytes)


Rack-mount heavy duty Servers (Linux-based or Windows XP)

Color InfraRed Cameras for Night Vision and Weather-proof, Audio option
Bullet Cameras and Elite Dome color enclosures

Server Specifications:

  • System CPU: P4 3.06GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB DDR400 high speed memory
  • Camera Input: 24 (Upgradeable to 32 Ch Max for this Chassis)
  • Display resolution: full D1 704 x 480, DCIF 528*320 or CIF 352*240
  • Max Recoding Speed: 720fps total (30 fps each camera)
  • Audio: Real time one-to-one audio synchronization to every video
  • Hard Drive: 800 GB (Upgradeable to 4.5 Terabyte)
  • Backup: DVD-RW
  • Drive bays: 1x5.25 + 1x3.5(Open) + 2 x3.5(Hidden)
  • Power Supply:450Watts
  • Includes keyboard and mouse
  • O/S: Windows XP Professional
  • Dimensions: 5.75"x13.5"x14.2" (WxHxD) industrial chassis.

It comes with 24 channels for 24 cameras and it can be expanded to 32 cameras by adding 8 more channels integrated with the system.

Real Time audio for every channel, which means you will be able to record not only video but also sound synchronized with the video.

H.264 hardware compression technology is one of the latest compression tools to provide almost the same size of MPEG4 video files but with higher image resolution.

If you would like to have a PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera, this system supports many popular PTZ protocols to allow you to move the camera remotely and automatically.

Operating system Windows XP Professional included.

One year warranty on parts and labor.