EYEWITNESS SECURITY SYSTEM is a state-of-the-art camera-sever-internet integration wich provides to you peace of mind about your properties. Either your home, office, storage, beach-house, multi-family building or Apartment complex, you can not only record digital video on hard drive from every camera, but you can monitor LIVE-VIDEO from anywhere using Internet explorer.

The recorded images can be seen anytime just by selecting the time and date you want to start to review. Play speeds vary from normal to 8 times to accelerate the review.

No video-cassettes to worry about. The system is continuosly recording. With the recycling feature, when the hard drive is getting full, the system displace the older videos to free space for the present ones. Depending on the size of the configuration you can keep video of even more than 90 days that you can playback anytime.

The remote access is password protected and allows you to even configure the system completely as if you were sitting right there. When PTZ cameras are intalled with EYEWITNESS you can move the camera remotely in all ways, zoom and focus.

Another wonderful feature is the alarm notification. You can setup the system to notify you by email, pager or phone when an event ocurrs in certain camera or when a camera is not showing signal for any reason. This is possible thanks to the motion detection option.

PC-IDEAL is proud to introduce EYEWITNESS Security System with the guarantee that you will enjoy all the benefits. Stability and rapid recovery on power failures make EYEWITNESS one of the most high-tech reliable security systems in the market.


Search for Digital Recorded Video by selectime date and time. Playback up to 90 days or more depending on the system, and review any video at high speed.


Just Open Internet Explorer from the pace of your home or office, type the Static IP assigned for the system and select the cameras you want to monitor. Live video of your property will be shown instantly.


General Description

Compresion Type
MPEG 4 Video Compression
With the use of Linux Operating System on-chip version, the system will not crash due to Hard drive failure
Easy to use
Fast recovery on power failure. Windows like Graphic User Interface makes easy to control and change parameters.
Cost Effective
High image compression saves Hard Disk capacity. Automated Recycling feature guarantee continuos recording without full-disk errors.
High-end Technology
16 channels Real time display are the best choice for PTZ cameras..
Provides LAN and Internet connection for Remote site display, Control, Playback, setup and to move PTZ cameras.
Multi-user access
Several users can access the system at the same time.
High storage capacity
Server supports from 120Gb Hard drive to disk array level up to 5 hard drives 300Gb each for an amazing total of 1500GB* (*DVR-PRO bank version)
Users and passwords can be set to different levels. Some cameras can be disabled for end users and enabled only for administrators.

Expandable and Upgradable